Tuesday, June 14, 2011


 Moving is hard. And it has just about done me in! But here is a glimpse at Kylie's room.  Yeah, it is done.  Well, it's not decorated or anything like that, but all cardboard boxes are emptied, it's been cleaned and her toys are put away!

Yay!! Having one room finished helps give me hope that soon the rest of the house will be clean and box free.

Heck, I may even put a picture on the wall just to do it!

The bedrooms are large in this house and it is so nice to get the girls toys put away in their rooms.  If only they toys would stay there.

Over the last few years we have been spoiled having two living areas, and now the girls (and us) are having to adjust to keeping their toys off the couch so that we can sit down.

We have been in the house a week and I am hoping by Friday (today is Tuesday) that I'll have every room put away.

Thanks for giving me a forum for my moving misery. :)

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