Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fancy Nancy and Madame Alexander make for a GREAT Day!

The Cross Timbers Fine Arts Council (our local arts organization) put together a Madame Alexander Doll exhibit and then gave a Fancy Nancy luncheon and style show. I knew that Lexi would be in heaven, so of course, we went!
Here she is as we were getting ready to leave the house.picture transfer 429
picture transfer 428picture transfer 430

picture transfer 432picture transfer 431

The luncheon was sold out long before the event.  Thankfully our friends got tickets too!!!  Everything was super cute and fancy.  Even the kids peanut butter sandwhich boxes were decorated!
picture transfer 433     picture transfer 438   picture transfer 436
Then came the fashion show.  Yes, Lexi even got to participate.  She LOVED it! 
picture transfer 441 picture transfer 442 picture transfer 443  picture transfer 445
Sweet memories and a fun and fancy day!

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  1. Super pictures and I agree, such a fun afternoon!!!