Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Poor Me Pity Party


I am in desperate need of a Poor Me Pity Party!  There is so much on my plate right now that I am in OVERLOAD!! So bear with me and let me whine a minute; then I’ll get up and get to work.

Why am I all worked up? Well, over the next couple of months I have a number of MAJOR projects at work.  Add to that children’s needs and you end up with a mom that not only can’t get everything done, you end up with an overwhelmed person.

Humor me a minute.. here is a run down of my next few weeks.  I won’t bore you with the mundane local doctor appointments, regular scheduled activities or things like that… here are the extras.

Feb. 2: Take Maddie to Dallas for her specialists appointments.

Feb. 5: Big meeting about the future of visual arts in our district.  This is a GREAT thing! But I have to get ready for it.

Feb. 10: Go to Dallas for an all day art teacher workshop.

Feb. 15: Run the science fair at Maddie’s school.  Oh yeah, I’m the coordinator for that.

Feb. 18: Deadline for 8’ tall by 12’ wide painted backdrop due to the Chamber for their auction/banquet.  My advanced students (and me) are painting this.

Feb. 20: VASE (like UIL for art) contest.  I am taking 31 students and 60 pieces of art.  All 60 have to be matted and hang ready.  All students have to be prepped for interview.

March 9: Youth Art Month reception.  Oh yeah.. I’m coordinating that for the district. Gotta make flyers and get those out to the schools and so forth and so on.

April 17: Prom.  I’m the coordinator. Enough said.

And in the midst of all of this, I still have to teach 100 students everyday. Nurse my infant. Play with my Lexi. Watch over my Maddie. Clean house. Do Laundry. Cook.

Are you in overload yet? 

Thanks for letting me have a Poor Me Pity Party. 

Now, I’m off to either finish making 20 scarves to give out at an event or prep for starting clay in my art 1 classes…. I don’t know… maybe I’ll just go back to bed!


  1. Wow. You have a lot on your plate. I would need to practice my breathing with a schedule like that. Hang in there.

  2. I finished editing and recalendaring my own list this morning and then, as a reward to myself for getting that list-making out of the way, sat down to catch up on some blog reading - starting here. And now, between your list and mine, I'm ready to concede, crawl back under the covers, and hibernate!!