Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's the little things

Supplies: Sweet Shoppe Designs, carnival kit
Green with blue flowers: Miriam Lima; Brown paper and polka dot paper: hroselli
Stripe: aslagle; Stars: Dani Mogstad; White floral: Paula Duncan

Once we have grown up and are on our own, it's the little things that we remember about our families that make us who and what we are.  Growing up, my family sang together a lot.  Yep, sitting around the living room singing praise songs. As children, we played a hide and seek game with my dad in the dark.  There are a number of things that made our family, our family, and none of them involved going anywhere or buying anything.  It's the little things that add up and make up who we are.

Now to my children.. we do all kinds of silly little things in our house.  We sing, a lot.  No surprise to anyone who knows me.  We make up songs to just about anything.  We dance, we do cheers and we play games. It's little things, but all together reflect our love and our desire to be with each other.  In my layout above, I have a couple of pictures of Doug having a balancing on one foot contest with the girls.  It was a fleeting moment and it was gone.  But it was a memory created and an opportunity to connect with our kids.  My praryer is that my children will have so many little things, little memories, little moments that when uncertainty comes their way, they will always know they are loved.  Loved by their parents, by their extended family and loved by God.

So I challenge you and myself, to take time for the little things. Because in the end, they are not so little.

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