Sunday, January 17, 2010

5 people in the house. 4 sick. Yikes!

The stomach virus has found a breeding ground. In our house! Maddie was sick last Wednesday.  Lexi started throwing up Wednesday night. Maddie was better and went to school Thursday, but Lexi was down.  Friday we all went to school/work.  Saturday Doug and I were icky but we managed.

Today.. Maddie is throwing up again. I've joined her. Doug is a sad case.  He has a yucky stomach and he is very sore from moving his mom on Wednesday.  And poor Kylie, well, her stomach cramps up and she just wails.  I really feel for her.

Lexi is good. She is making jelly and cracker sandwiches and having pink milk. Sure hope she doesn't start throwing up again.

In the meantime, while holding a sad baby, I made this page today.  The prompt was take a picture off center and immediately use it.  I thought cool. So I did. Enjoy.

Torn paper effect: KPertiet_PaperRevealNo2_2
Distressed edge: Trish Jones
vintage font:

You can guess what she's doing.  Don't you just love her eyes.

I've got more pics to show off. Maybe I'll do it later....

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