Thursday, September 15, 2016

4:22am is a random time to get up, but that is my sweet spot

I get up early.

I used to think 6am was early. I still do, but now, 6am is sleeping in...

Nowadays I get up at 4:22am three or four days a week. Sometimes five days, but I do really try to sleep in at least one work morning a week! 

As with everything, there are seasons where I am more committed to early mornings than other times. But 4:22am seems to be a consistent time for me the last couple of years.

Why do I get up that early? Well, cause I work out early. By 5am I am either in the gym or on the road. I used to just get up and go, but with age comes a cup of coffee before heading out! 4:22am just sort of evolved. 

What is interesting is that even on the mornings that I am not working out, 4:22am is a routine wakeup time for me. It's the sweet spot I guess.  While others would consider the next 2 hours prime sleep time, these are prime morning hours for me.


I really do like sleep. Which means I have to go to sleep early.

But, by getting up early, I have the opportunity to see and hear the world while most people are still asleep. The world is quiet at this time of the morning. I get a chance to meditate and process life before most everyone else is even up!

So for all you naysayers and poo poo-ers out there,  try it. Set your alarm for 4:22am, get up, have a cup of coffee and see what you can accomplish before the world wakes up. 

You might be surprised!

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