Wednesday, July 1, 2015

I take more "selfies" that my teenage daughter!

Yesterday at lunch, I took a selfie. I was wearing a new shirt.

Maddie rolled her eyes and said "Mom, you take more selfies that I do!" I laughed as Lexi said that I didn't. That Maddie just sent her pictures via snapchat. I told her my friends didn't have snapchat, so I had to take pictures to text them or instagram them or facebook them!

Anyway, that got me thinking about my picture taking.

And here is what I have to say.

YES!! I do take a lot of pictures of myself these days. And I am PROUD of it! For years I hated the way I looked and avoided pictures. I didn't want a record of what I looked like or proof of what I wasn't doing!

But now, I am proud of who I am and my journey.

So here is a week in my life.. through pictures.

Today (Wednesday): This was taken after I ran an 8:15 mile. Woohoo! I'm making progress.

Yesterday (Tuesday): My lunch selfie! I am wearing a size small shirt here! I haven't been this small since 10th grade.

okay, one more selfie for yesterday.. :) Cause playing at the park deserves a photo spread!

Monday: Post run. Feeling the burn after four days of scrapbooking and binge eating! (Don't you love Kylie's photobomb!)

Sunday: At the pool. In a swimsuit.

Saturday: My 41st birthday!

Friday: Not technically a selfie..
How about this one?

Thursday: At retreat!

(Taking the panoramic photo was fun! After a bunch of tries, we got it. I started the photo with Mindy on the left sitting and after I passed her and got around, she took the camera and got me in the photo!)

And back to Wednesday. At the Japanese Gardens.

So yeah. I take a lot of pictures. And I am proud of it! :)

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