Sunday, April 6, 2014

What a week!

It has been one of THOSE weeks! Lots of good stuff happening, but no time to savor it as we have been so incredibly busy!

I have a little time this morning as it's raining and Kylie was up for a couple of hours during the night throwing up, so our plans for the day were cancelled.

Anyway, here is a recap of the week. 
Monday and Tuesday were state standardized testing days. Fun times for students and teachers alike. 

Tuesday ended with Lexi being given a child sized REAL guitar from her Papa. She is beyond excited. And it's baby blue! 

Wednesday morning started nice and early with the annual art show set up. However, we had to take down the existing cork and felt off the large display panels when we found DEAD BABY RATS AND LIVE SPIDERS!!!!

It was beyond gross. My student teacher and I spent all day cleaning and prepping the panels for new felt. (Unexpected and unplanned expense!) Once we had things clean, the exterminator came in and sprayed every panel and the building! The panels had NOT been stored on school property, instead they had been in a rented storage building. Needlesstosay, we are working on alternate storage!

Thursday morning we started putting up new fabric and hanging artwork. Thankful we had afternoon reinforcements in the form of tech theatre kids! They enjoyed helping us and we were exhausted! Prepping over 3000 pieces of artwork takes a while!

Friday morning came in a hurry and with it our annual hat day to raise money for the National Kidney Foundation. The kids in Stephenville public schools raised $1050!! Woohoo!

As soon as I could hand off fundraising duties and make sure the art show setup was in the final stages, I headed for College Station and the State VASE contest. This is the big time art contest in the state. 26 thousand pieces of art are judged around the state and 1600 are chosen for the state event! Yes, it's a tough competition! 

One of my students was selected! Here she is with her piece!

And since I was there and they needed workshop presenters, I taught "how to paint an acrylic landscape with a kitchen spatula" to about 80 students! I made a guide for this, I'll link it later!

I got home Saturday night about 8pm. Kylie woke up at 2am throwing up and then the rain started. 

So for the second year in a row we have missed the kidney walk. Major bummer for all of us. Last year we drove in hoping we'd get to walk. This year, Maddie said no, it wasn't worth it. They ended up walking in the drizzle, but I'm thankful Maddie didn't want to try. Her immune system would not have done well in the cold and wet.

But we were represented! The Tarleton girls were there and sent me this! What a blessing this bunch of girls has been to us!

And lastly, I desperately wanted a donut this morning. And I resisted! Yay me. I ate a pear with almond butter instead! Still want the donut though.

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