Tuesday, April 1, 2014

God Provides for "Team Maddie!"

I know I've said it recently, but I really feel like I'm living in the sweet spot of life! Here is another FANTASTIC example of this!

Since Maddie was diagnosed with kidney disease, we have been particpating in the National Kidney Foundation's Kidney Walk. This year, the walk is on April 6th, a Sunday, and that is a hard morning to get our family and friends together to go to something out of town. We had resigned ourselves with having a small team and just enjoying the morning.

Then I got an email from the walk organizer from the NKF that a group from our local college, Tarleton State University, had been in contact with her as they needed a project for their event management class and they had decided to do something for kidney awareness. She asked me if the group could contact us. I said YES! Two students came over to our house one afternoon and asked lots of questions and were super nice. They said that they would have a walk sign up drive on campus a couple of afternoons and maybe they could get some people to join our team.

I knew that their group would join, so that would be five students and I figured we'd get a few more, but as of this morning, we have a team of 50!!! Yes, that is FIFTY! They had over fourty students sign up to be on Team Maddie! How cool is that!!!

So we have a large group... now we just have to raise some money!  And guess what, to help us do that every campus is Stephenville ISD is hosting "Hats for Kidneys" on Friday! Every student is invited to bring $1 to school and pay to wear a hat all day! Every $1 bill goes to the National Kidney Foundation! And for student's that want to help, but don't like to wear hats, we have cool bracelets to wear! Over the years student's have started collecting the Team Maddie bracelets! It's incredible to live in a community that loves and supports each other the way this community does! We should bring in at least $1000 with this fundraiser.

But don't be left out! If you want your Team Maddie bracelet, let us know and we will save you one! Just $1 a piece and ALL funds raised go to the National Kidney Foundation!

Want to join our team? Click on the link below! ALL walkers are welcome! EVERYONE can be a ONLINE WALKER!



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