Friday, April 25, 2014

Art Camp Projects

With the school year winding down, I've moved to working on preparations for art camp.  Art camp isn't until mid-July, but that doesn't mean that I wait until July to get to work!

I've been working on camp stuff since last year's camp! To be honest, that's why we have such an awesome camp experience for the kids! Mindy (the theatre portion of camp) and I work year round to be organized and on top of our game!

Anyway... since this year's show is BUGZ, a mini-musical about bugs going on a picnic... all of the art projects will be related to bugs!

Here is one of the projects the kids will make. (Yes, even the barely/almost 4 year olds!)

Check out How to Use Your Name to Make Original Bug Art by Emily McLemore on Snapguide.

In case you need a reminder about art camp...


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