Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Making my heart smile!

I love how-to art books. I bought probably hundreds over the years! Some end up worthless, and some are treasures.

This weekend I found a how to on Disney's classic characters. It was on clearance, and it was a little torn up, but a great book!

Kylie and I drew Mickey and Minnie Mouse the other night. 

Tonight, Kylie wanted to draw again, so Doug sat down and drew with her and Lexi.

It was soo sweet. I had to stop cleaning the kitchen and pick up the camera!

It was great for the girls to see Doug enjoy drawing. He said that tonight was the first time in 30 years that he has sat down to just draw! Wow! He did fantastic, and we started talking about getting him some art supplies! 

Yep, watching my family draw together (while listening to Maddie practice clarinet) does wonderful things for my heart!

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