Monday, February 10, 2014

One Yard Fabric Projects

If you are a crafter and sew-er person like me, you've got a stack of 1 yard scraps that just sit and collect dust. 

Or you are in the store and see the cutest piece of fabric, but you think, what can I do with just ONE YARD!

Well, I found this book and am so pumped! 

I can't decide what to start with, but I'm thinking one of these three projects will probably it.

1. The scruffle scarf.
Maddie loves scarves, so I'm thinking I might start here.

Or what about this wall book hanger? I'd love to have a better way to store Kylie's books!

But then this little clutch purse is rather adorable and I never seem to have a cute little "date night" bag!

Oh where to start? I guess I'd better go find fabric. And who wants to use old leftover fabric? :) off to the fabric store I go!

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