Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rice and Beans for a Month? Oh My. OUCH!

Let me start with saying that I'm sitting in the play area at McDonalds. I'm love free wi-fi. Well, it's not free. I just bought dinner for my family. The same price that I paid for dinner would have probably upgraded my wireless at home!

Now, onto my point.... a childhood friend of mine and her family are eating only Rice and Beans for a MONTH! Not because they can't afford food, but because they are so used to eating whatever they want they don't feel grateful.

What a concept. I love it. I truly can't imagine doing this.

But I keep going to her blog and reading about the journey. I've even re-read some posts. You should go check it out.  Her blog is called another notebook.

I'm thinking that I might see if my family might be willing to do it for just dinner for one week. I'll let you know what they think. :)

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  1. Hi Emily! Fun to see you writing about this. :) Last year we did just dinners for the month.