Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Lamp Borrowed, A Tableau in Progress

My mom collects lamps. Maybe calling it collecting is too strong of a word, but let's just say she has more than I do. So, this weekend as she was rearranging things in the house, I asked if I could borrow the lamp in the picture below.

Isn't it a great lamp!  I've always liked it. My sister's and I gave it to Mom quite a number of years ago for some occasion, so it holds special meaning to me, but in addition to that, it has just always appealed to me.

Now it's going to live at my house for a while.

Doesn't it help the tableau in progress? !? I'm still on the lookout for a plant to go into the rooster,(except that the rooster is Doug's so I'm sure at some point he is going to want to use it.)  So... I'm still on the lookout for a plant in a cool container to go with the hurricane.

And in the picture below, you can see one of my absolute FAVORITE things in a house.  Empty wall space and an uncluttered floor.  You see, it has become a pet peeve of my mine that you can walk through so very much of my house and not even know if I have baseboards or not because everything is on top of each other. 

I LOVE having some empty wall space!! I know it looks weird in the picture to have this void, but in real life it's wonderful.  (And to be honest, in order to take the picture I had to move the doll-sized highchair and a board book, so really, it's not empty space, it's just furniture free space!)
And there is another glimpse into my home.  I'm hoping soon I can post a picture of what my living room looks like when it is clean!  Don't hold your breath :)!!

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