Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fabric Wall Art Tutorial. This is a home decor project even the NON crafty can do!

I was going to wait to show off my dining room when it was all done, however, I'm so proud of it even half done, that I had to brag!! :)

Here is the finished wall.  Follow my step by step process to make your own! It's soo easy  I hate to even tell my secrets! And how cool is this, it's a Technique Tuesday!!

  1.  Go to the store and find a couple of yards of fabric that you love. You can choose a bold  pattern like mine, or you could use a smaller pattern and then cut a larger image/picture out with a template. For example, large flowers could be made with fabric with small print, using a different fabric for each petal...
  2. Purchase some Heat N Bond LITE. Get the LITE if you plan to remove this image from the wall later. If you use the ULTRA, it will probably have more staying power.
  3. Iron on the Heat N Bond LITE using the directions on the package.  I didn't worry about wasting some of the backing as the package was I think around $7 for enough for more than 5 yards. And it's way easier to cut the fabric after you put the backing on it.
  4. Cut out the pattern or your desired image. You can see the backing on the back of the fabric. The backing tightens the fabric and allows you to cut out the image with minimal fraying.Make sure to use sharp scissors! And don't forget, move the fabric around and hold the scissors in pretty much one spot.
  5. Below is a section cut out.
    Below is the backside of the fabric.
  6. Choose a small piece to start with.  It's really easy, all you do it pull of the backing paper, position where you want the piece and IRON IT ON THE WALL!! 
I started in a random spot. You might plan ahead more than me, but the really cool thing is that if you hate where you put it, pull it off the wall and iron it down again! It truly is awesome :)
 And finally, here is the pattern on the wall!
Good Luck!
And I challenge you, even all you noncrafty people, iron some fabric on the wall!

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