Saturday, January 28, 2012

I used to be sentimental. Then I had three kids.

There are moments when I wonder who I have become. :) I used to be sentimental and I would keep almost anything that had a special story or a link to my family's past.  These days, it's take a picture of it, put it in the scrapbook and send it on it's way! 

Such is the case of my sofa.  I love this couch.  It was the first major piece of furniture that Doug and I bought for our first house right after we got married.  It has moved with us eight times!  I have pictures of Doug on the couch with Maddie just days old sleeping on his chest.  And the spills and the crayon marks.... how could I be contemplating it's demise?
But I am.  I'm tired of it's plainness. It's boring neutralness. All the qualities that made it a good investment and easy to decorate around have made it blah. And up against the tan wall. ICK.  The colors are just off enough to not go together at all.

I'm trying to decide what to do.  I've tried a slipcover.  That didn't work.  It ended up looking like a dark brown blob.  It could be that I bought the slipcover at big lots.  But what if I order an expensive slipcover and hate it.  What if I couldn't return it? I could try to re-upholster it myself... except that I have vivid memories of my mom doing just such a thing with 3 small children (well, I guess I wasn't that small if I remember it so well, but go with me).  I don't think it turned out well as we got a new sofa not too long after that, I think.  I was just a child you know :)

So there you have it.  This wonderful couch has lived well, but I'm ready to send it on its way.  Not that I have the money to replace it.  This whole discussion is really hypothetical!

But for grins, what would you do?  And painting the wall is not an option.

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  1. ok this may not be an option either....but what about placing it up against the red wall? if you don't have the money to replace it just yet and it is bothering you with it being close but not matching the wall color (of course if it matched the wall color then you wouldn't even be able to see it and it might look even worse?) it might just pop and look really good up against the red wall? I am probably not the best to give advice because I love to move furniture and rearrange when I get bored with how something looks and can't just go out and replace things either so I change it up and my husband never knows what a room will look like when he comes home because I will always do it on a whim and not talk about doing it before rearranging - keep 'em guessing ;)
    Best of luck on whatever you do - I would love to see pics of what you do if you feel like sharing ;)
    or using some more red pillows or throwing a red blanket on it for accent color.....can't wait to see what creative things you do