Saturday, January 21, 2012

I hear you, loud and clear. Or is it silent and deadly?

I hear you.
Well, actually I can't.
So I can.

Are you confused yet?

Over the last couple of years I've learned a little about blogging.
I've learned that somethings that I am really interested in, you are not.

Elements of Art and Principles of Design theory happens to be one of those areas.

You like how I use them. You just don't want to know why.

Thanks :)

It's just like teaching school!

So, while I'm not going to stop teaching you readers about these things,
I'm just going to do a better job of hiding the teaching!!!

Moving on.

I need your opinion.

This little set up is right inside my living room.
Which one do you like better? And sorry about the quality of the pictures.  I used my camera phone.

Exhibit A
Exhibit B

I'm taking a vote.



  1. I pick b and I know why too hehe

  2. oh oh, I love voting. lol I have to say the first one is my favourite. Honestly, when I saw the second picture it felt unbalanced. However, it is a great display - lovely furniture!