Saturday, December 31, 2011

Misery or Joy?

I've read a number of blogs and had countless conversations with people of all ages and stations and I've come to the conclusion that some people live out of joy and some people are defined by their misery. (Yes, that's blunt.  But in case you didn't not realize that about me, I'm blunt. I don't sugar coat and I am fully aware that I'm not sweet.) 

Maybe I'm trivializing the this or that somewhat, but over the years, I truly think that most people can be listed in either the joy camp or the misery camp.  I don't know about you, but I want to be in the joy camp.

I'm not trying to push away pain. I'm not trying to devalue trials and tears.  I'm just asking you and myself, do you define yourself by the pain you have felt or the joy you have experienced?

At this point some of you might think that I must not have any experience with the misery of life.  Well, I've had more than some and far less than others.  I'm not naive, I've seen some really yucky things, and I've experienced heartbreak. But more than that, I place my hope in things greater than me and know that because of some of my life experiences, I can find common ground with most people.

This year, as we embrace 2012, I am going to be cognizant of living from JOY. When I get downtrodden, overworked, overtired and beat up, I'm going to remind myself that in this life, some things are crappy, but in the end, if we let it, we learn and grow and can experience JOY.

And if you see me around town and catch me living on the misery side, stop me and remind to live joyously.

Here are a few of things you can remind me of:

1. I have three beautiful daughters who are the delight of my life.
2. I have a handsome husband who was not afraid to take control of our future and start his own business.
3. I have a large extended family that supports me.
4. I have a good job that challenges me every single day.
5. I have friends that I can count on and laugh with.

Really, when put it this way, what would I have to be miserable about anyway?

If you have the time, inclination or desire, check out A Place Called Simplicity this writer takes this concept to a whole new level.

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