Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Kidney Walk.. a Success!!


(The entire team consisted of Maddie’s Team and Team Carnes [Jerry’s team] pictured are: Doug in the back. Middle row: Hudson in Libby’s arms, Melody, Sissy in Katy’s arms, Kylie in the sling with me, Jennifer, Jerry and Morgan.  front row: Abby, Maddie, Lexi, Dillon and JD.)

The morning started bright and cold and getting our household out the door for a day filled with adventures was a feat in itself!  But we did it and arrived at the park for the walk on time.. whew!

Here we are getting ready for the walk and along the trail.  We did really well for a group that had as many young children and strollers as we did!kidneywalk15 kidneywalk14     kidneywalk7 kidneywalk8 kidneywalk9 kidneywalk10 kidneywalk11 kidneywalk12
About a mile and half into the walk there was a spot where you turned left and circled around a while and came back.. we did the come back.. by that time Maddie was lagging behind and coughing and I was carrying Kylie in the sling, so Doug and I willingly cut the 5k down with Maddie.  Everyone else kept on going and finished the course with Jerry (our cousin’s husband who has had a kidney transplant).  Maddie was really hoping to be able to do the entire walk, but she has to pace herself.  2 miles this year, maybe the entire thing next year!  The last thing we wanted was to push it too hard during the walk and end up in a relapse.kidneywalk6Here comes everyone else at the finish line!kidneywalk2kidneywalk3kidneywalk4
You might have noticed in the pictures the changing of stroller pushers along the way.  It was quite fun :)kidneywalk5
Maddie and Ripples the Kidney Awareness Kat after the walk.

Thank you everyone who supported the walk monetarily and with encouragement! Maddie’s team raised $770!! We can’t wait to see what we can do next year.

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