Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fleece, Fleece Everywhere!!

Over the last few days, my art students have been working with some of our special needs students in our school creating fleece tie-blankets and scarves. It has been an incredible experience for everyone. I am exhausted and a little overwhelmed.. but totally in a good way! I have bought a ton of fabric, but I am about to run out and get more as we have ORDERS to fill!! I am so excited that not only is the project a great learning experience for all of our students, but that the students who are for the most part differently-abled are creating things ON THEIR OWN and doing a Great job!!

My classroom is a mess and I am covered in fleece fuzz, but the love that these kids are putting into each item they make is totally worth the effort. Here are a couple pictures of the kids hands hard at work. I am going to post a whole series of pictures on my art website, but I have to make sure and get all of the permissions first :) So for now, enjoy the hands!
Have a great day and I hope that you get the chance to work with some incredible teenagers on a project sometime! And if you don't know of anyone to work with, go volunteer at a local school!!


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  1. AWESOME!!!!!!! Em, I'm so excited to see how this turns out. I'm so happy that you believe in the special needs students. As a momma of a SN's kid, THANKS!!!