Friday, January 15, 2016

Choosing to focus on Health and Wellness

Over the last few years, I have spent a great deal of time changing my mindset about food, nutrition and exercise. It hasn't been easy. The voices in my head about how I looked, what I should eat and how I should feel about myself were very comfortable and very much in control.

Every time I tried to make a lasting change, these voices in my head would start picking at my successes so that the negative thoughts quickly drowned out the good feelings and thoughts and I would go back to the same comfort foods that got me into trouble in the first place.

What I have learned is that the closer I get to my "goal" weight the more pressure the negative voices put on my soul. I realize that it shouldn't be that way. One would think that with each success the negative voice would shrink. But it doesn't. And I truly believe that is why people struggle with a healthy body image so much. Every success is suspect. At least for me. Maybe you don't have the same negative thoughts. I hope you don't.

But I am learning.

I am learning that every single day is an opportunity to make better food choices.

Every single day I can choose to be happy about where I am on my health and wellness journey.

The journey is long and full of mountains and valleys. But I have learned that fueling the journey correctly is important. Without healthy eating habits the mountains seem insurmountable and the valleys become pits of despair.

In 2012 I was exhausted. Physically and emotionally.

I just love that these "before" pictures of me include the food and drink that I consumed all of the time. Sugar in the form of a sweet tea and sugar in the form of a piece of cake.

And I still look at this picture and shake my head. I can't believe how wide I had gotten. And this is me a couple of weeks into Weight Watchers and I had lost almost 10 pounds. WOW.

From there I started really eating many more vegetables and fruits and working out, but my mind could not grasp that this was a real life-long change. In the past, I would diet for a little while till I got to a comfortable size and then pick up my sweet tea again.

But this time I did better.

Because I learned to occupy my mind and negative thoughts with goals and purpose. Instead of focusing on counting points, I started counting miles.

But I still couldn't keep those last 10-15 pounds off. I was roller coasting within a smaller range, but I would still eat well and then give up for a few weeks and then get back on the wagon and so forth.

Then last year, after reading and researching, I started eating a nutritarian diet more and saw great results. I learned that forgoing cheese wasn't that hard, but keeping all of the sugar out of the diet was difficult.

I even challenged myself to mastering handstands.

I had made it to a place where I was for the most part happy with body, I still was frustrated with the scale, but not enough to make any further changes. I had two stress fractures in my left foot in 2015, so I gave myself some grace for the extra 10 pounds that I couldn't shake.

So as I looked at 2016, I decided that I was ready to take the next step into health and wellness. I had been researching and watching Isagenix people for a while. It requires an investment. But I was ready.

Well, I joined a 30 day challenge and we started on the 11th.. I expected to be hungry and unhappy. Cause diets are supposed to be that way. right?
Nope. I am eating MORE food than I had been before. I feel better. I did my first cleanse and I wasn't grouchy or grumpy. I've lost pounds and even more inches and I feel good!

What? How can this be?

I don't really know.... the science behind it says lots of stuff... but I'm just going to say YIPPEE.

So, if you looking for a lifestyle change and ready to make a commitment to yourself, go look at my website and then send me a message, I'd love to tell you more about the products. Feel free to do like I did, take a look at the website, ask questions and then a year later decided to take that important first big step.

And where is the AFTER picture?

Well, not here yet! I'm still a work in progress!

But I can't wait to show you! 

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