Monday, November 30, 2015

Perler Bead Gift

One of the best parts of being a teacher is living life in community with your students.

This week, I had the opportunity to be at the christening of a couple of my former students baby.  I had both mom and dad in art class a few years ago, I attended their wedding two years ago and now I had the joy of seeing their baby boy welcomed into the church.

How cool is that.

Well, I couldn't go empty handed and I didn't want a traditional gift. This couple is fun and quirky and likes odd things.

So perler beads it was!

I messaged the grandmother and asked for a picture and then got to work.

I didn't realize when I made the template that I made it quite so large...

Each square is 29 beads across by 29 beads down. That's a lot of beads times 9+ squares.

Here are the first 3 squares ironed together.

And here is the completed piece. Well, this is 6 squares. I left off the bottom row as I ran out of time. (I wanted to complete the rest, but I realized that 6 rows took 14 minutes.. so in order to complete another row I needed another 3+ hours easily.. and this was if my daughters allowed me to think!)

So instead of continuing, I took it to our local frame store and they helped me. Truly, in 2 hours they framed this thing. (That's why you shop local people.)

Isn't it awesome framed!

And here is the gift delivered. I love the fact that the dad took it out of the wrapping and immediately said "perler beads" and grinned!

And there you have it. A non-traditional baby gift for a couple that I dearly love.

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