Sunday, November 1, 2015

An October Recap

Halloween has come and gone. Thank goodness. I've never been a fan of Halloween, but we participate in some of the fun stuff so that our girls will have memories.

Cause I really think that is one of the greatest gifts of childhood. The memories of family events... whatever those family events are, it doesn't even matter... just DOING things together and laughing along the way.

And so, here is a recap of some of this year's October memories.

1. Family pictures with a grumpy Kylie.

Isn't that hysterical?! I love it! That is soo her! But she did smile for some of the pictures.
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2. We carved pumpkins.

3. We had family time while Doug recovered from knee surgery.

4. We joined thousands of other families on our town square for trick or treating.
I'm not even kidding. The town shuts down the square and people line the sidewalks trick or treating. My girls don't as no way am I going to stand in a line for a couple of hours to get candy. But we don't have to as three churches have events at the same time on the square. So you start at one side with one churches "trunk or treat" go to the middle and play games and jump in the bounce houses at another churches event and then finish off on the other side of the square with a "fall festival." 

It is insane. But really fun for the kids.
And since the streets are closed, and the police are at the street barricades, it's really great and safe event! And if I had to guess, I am sure that it is the city's most popular and well attended event of the year. It is so crowded it feels like Disney World!

5. Maddie went to a school dance (and even dressed up!)

6. Lexi went to a school dance and of course she dressed up!

7. Kylie had "Book Character Day" at school.
She went as Lady Bug Girl. It's one of our favorite books.

8. And finally we went trick or treating.

And in the midst of all of that.. we had band contests. In case you aren't familiar with the world of marching band.. October is a very busy month. Actually from August 1 to the end of football season is pretty hard core, but October it is insane.

This is pretty much how we saw of Maddie the last few months.

But the hard work paid off. Yesterday the band won lots of awards and are now finished with their contest season!

And there you have our October.

Did you notice that Kylie wore three different costumes... that is so Kylie! 

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