Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A very busy, but very good life!

We are so busy. With Kylie starting Kindergarten, this just added to the insanity!
Here is what we have been up to.
Kylie has been painting on her easel that she got for her birthday from her grandparents. She LOVES it!
And we are working on sight words and readers. Kylie loves school and Lexi is really enjoying playing school with her and being the teacher!
We also have a soccer girl. Two practices a week and Saturday games are going to be interesting!
Lexi is busy with volleyball. She is a great passer. I'd provide pictures, but she won't let me take them and I'm too busy being the coach!
But I did get a picture of her tshirt quilt that I made for her. No, picture of her with it. I'm soo documenting the efforts I make to take pictures cause one day when she complains that there aren't any pictures of HER doing things, I will point her to my blog and say I TRIED!!
And Maddie is staying crazy busy with colorguard practice. They performed at the first football game last Friday and she did FANTASTIC!! It was soo much fun watching her do something that she is not only good at but obviously loves!

Doug and I are doing well. Just trying to keep our heads above water!! I've got a painting in the works and a triathlon in a couple of weeks.

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