Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sometimes ME does benefit WE. The ME Impact.

When I decided to change my lifestyle and take control of my life back in May 2012, I had no idea the impact it would make on my family.  

It's really amazing when you think about it. I lost weight, I got in shape and I started running (a lot). All of those are ME things. I made an investment in MYSELF and my FAMILY is reaping the harvest!

For the most part, my kids only know about me running. They see my running shoes, my medals and they hear me talking about it. I train before they wake up in the morning and they have only gone to a couple of races, and never a "big" race. 

But they love it. And they are have started to consider themselves runners as well!

Since next weekend is going to be all about me and my marathon (well, and Doug and his first 1/2 marathon! Go Doug!!) this weekend I didn't participate in the Lion's Spooktacular Race except to jog the 1 mile fun run with Kylie. Maddie ran the 1 mile (for a personal best time) and Lexi' and her brownie troop participated as well. Doug ran the 5k.

It was hard for me not to race given that it was 1 year ago at this vary race that I ran my first 10k and felt like a REAL RUNNER. I just kept telling myself that this weekend was for the girls!

The sky was overcast and it was cool... great running weather!
Kylie wasn't thrilled about the pictures (when is she ever.ugh.) but she was SO excited to get her bib pinned on. She knows what this means! It's race time!
Here we are before the race. Lexi's troop wore tutu's and their shirts that we screen printed. Maddie is taller than me. I can't believe it.

The 1/2 marathon people had started long before we arrived, the 10k runners started a few minutes later (my running friends... ouch), then the 5k. Doug is the one in the orange shirt taller than everyone else!

Here is Lexi's troop before the race. Aren't they cute. We are missing a few of the kids, given that it looked like it was going to rain at any moment I'm not surprised!

And here we are getting ready to start. I love how serious Maddie is. No surprise.

And we are off.

By this point I had fully embraced my non-racing day and decided to take pictures and cheer on runners. As a runner who LOVES races, I think this was really good for me. It reminded me about the importance of being a great fan.

Isn't she adorable!

And then we turned around and went back to get the finishers.

Love this picture! So typical of Maddie. She finished strong, running past the finish line. That just the way she is. Always. We should all be so determined.

And here is Lexi coming in. It's not a close up, my camera sometimes takes tooo loong processing from one picture to the next. grrr.

And why do I think races are important? Look at these kids faces! They are so PROUD of themselves! There weren't any places to win, it was about finishing!

And then we cheered Doug in!

And a family photo.

Then I sent my family home cause it was wet and COLD at this point and I cheered for my fellow runners as they crossed the finish line. It was lots of fun.

Later we found out that Doug took 3rd place in his age group in the 5k! Cool stuff.

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