Saturday, October 19, 2013

Color Chaos 5k

This morning I ran my first color run. Can't say it was my favorite thing to do.  I really don't like getting stuff on me, but it was for our education foundation, so I wanted to support them!

This was the first cold morning of the year, it's amazing how fast you can go from wearing tank tops and shorts for training runs to cold weather pants and three shirts!

Here are some teacher friends after the race! My face was spared the color cause I wore a hood that I pulled around my face and yelled "not on my face" repeatedly while running through the color sprayers!

Me and one of my non-teacher friends. Yes, I do have those too! :)

Me and one of my favorite former students! He took 2nd place overall.

My 5k time was 29:21. 

More importantly for me was that I ran 6.64 miles at 5am, then went to breakfast with a friend and had a biscuit and gravy and 5 cups of coffee and then ran the 5k at 8:30am. And I felt good! I love, love, love that I have come to a place where I can run a 9:30 pace and not be out of gas.

It excites me about the marathon. In 13 days.

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