Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Girl Without Words Leaves A Lasting Legacy

My heart aches.

I will miss her smile.

I will miss how she challenged me with her eyes to find a way to include her in activities.

Not just meaningless, you sit here and look pretty stuff, but actively engaged in lessons.

And because she trusted me, I worked harder and found new ways to do things.

Together, with the help of Ms. V, her companion, we created art.

We used sticks and tape and a little bit of everything

and once, I even poured paint on the floor and she used her wheels for printmaking.

We were willing to try anything and had so much fun experimenting and creating.

I am so blessed to have been called one of her teachers.

I am so blessed to had the chance to call her one of my students.

I will never forget

Her smile.

Her laughter.

Her joy while being an artist on a wheel.

Just like any artist. 

With hands covered in wet clay.

Creating a masterpiece.

Lindsey was an incredible young woman who capitvated the community with her smile.

She loved life and fought so hard to live.

We will miss her.

But the lessons she taught will stay with us.

To laugh.

To love.

To fight.

To expect to learn.

To push yourself and others.

To live for the journey.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! I just loved your post. The pics of Lindsay are wonderful. She was, no doubt, blessed by her experiences in your class room.