Friday, January 7, 2011

Exhaustion and a little Creativity

Whew.  The week back to school after Christmas break is always tough.  It seems like we jump into the spring semester head first and don't come back up for air until June. 

So many wonderful things are happening at school though.  My students are learning (even though they would rather not somedays I think!) and fun projects are in the works. 

Contests are racing towards us and Prom is looming.

On the home front:

The house is still for sale.  People love it... but they don't buy. 

Report cards for Maddie and Lexi came and went and all grades were good.

The house is clean and laundry piles are ever present.

So, here is my bit of creativity...  it's called Zentangle.  I had my students do a Zentangle project during the fall and I have found it to be an awesome why to refocus and relax.  I get to be creative and it's not messy!

Here are a couple I did for the girls.

And because my students are so incredibly awesome... let me show you a couple of their pieces.

As always, you can go to

to see lots more work from my art students!

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