Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Curveball, the desires of our heart and Christmas presents

A Curveball... do you ever feel that just when you have things figured out life throws you a curveball?  I feel this way often.  Maybe I should become a MLB catcher cause I feel like I'm becoming a decent curveball catcher.

The desires of our hearts.. God says that he will give them to us.  Of course, there is the rest of the verse that talks about if we are in harmony with God we will want the things He wants for us... but anyway.  My heart's desire is to have a four bedroom house.  I know how selfish is that.  But it is.  So our house has been for sale for what has seemed like forever.  We have looked at houses and it seems like I find one I love and our house still hasn't sold.  Over and over.  So our house is for sale and I have found a house that is perfect for us.  The size, the price and the location.  But guess what.  Our house still hasn't sold.  So if you know of anyone that needs a great 3 bedroom home, send them my way!

Christmas presents.

Ugg.  I am so not motivated to do anything Christmasy this year.  I don't consider myself to be in a humbug mood, I just can't get moving.  And I've got to!  Teacher gifts have to be done today!! EEK.

So I will be crafting something today.  I've got an idea.  I'll show you tomorrow!

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