Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A little this and a little that

It’s the last day of June and what have I accomplished this month?  Well, not a whole lot, but a little this and a little that.  Interestingly, I have found that I, like my children, thrive on routine.  You get us out of our daily schedules and I feel like I accomplish nothing!

Here are a some highlights from this month:

We have gone swimming. A lot. Anywhere we have been invited and we’ve even invited ourselves over some :)june 102

Lexi and Maddie had their hair cut this week: june 073 june 075

Kylie is learning to walk and having a blast playing!june 079 june 082

I turned 36.
june 090  

Other things from this month…

We participated in art camp.  I taught while Maddie and Lexi made things! The big girls did VBS. We did swimming lessons.  Well, Maddie did. Lexi was miss noncompliant. Kylie played in the water and I did my best to not get in the teacher’s way! We put the house on the market and I have cleaned.  Do you know how many times you have to sweep EVERY SINGLE DAY in order to keep up with the mess that 3 kids can make?  I have changed a truck load of dirty diapers and washed even more loads of laundry.

So lots of just regular ‘ole everyday fun around this house, just not a great deal to blog about.  And, I’ve been using our home computer, so this post has taken me more than AN HOUR to get ready.  During the time it took for a picture rotate, I folded a load of laundry.  Yep, it’s that slow! I need to get my school laptop connected to my home internet again, maybe that will motivate me to post some crafty pictures :)  You have to know that while I didn’t mention crafting projects, I am of course doing them!! It wouldn’t be summer without me using up TONS of GLUE!!!

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