Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Greatest Gift a Father Can Give

I wish I could remember the name and lyrics to a song I have sung before for special events.. but I can’t .  What I remember of it is… “The greatest gift a father can give, is a life lived for Jesus.”

Oh how true this is.  A life lived for Jesus means so many things.  It means putting the needs of others above yourself.  It means showing your children how to take care of other people. It means living out faith more than just speaking about it. 

I have had the privilege of having such a dad.  My dad is a great man who does his best to live a faithful life everyday.  There is just something inordinately special about a dad and his girls.

Dad’s may not get this.  I don’t know if my dad realizes that the “little things” he did over the years still hold special meaning for me.  More than that, these “little things” taught my friends what a dad’s love could be as well.

Here is one example: When I was in college, my dad sent me this package…

Inside was this: It’s a hug from my dad! 100_3633
It says, “Since I can’t always be where you are.. I am sending you my very special “daddy hug” to you to use anytime. Just wrap the arms around and interlock the fingers.”

And yes, it was used a lot. By me and my friends.

Moving to now, how wonderful it is that my children have this same kind of daddy!  My girls are learning about God the Father from a daddy who loves them and isn’t afraid to show it!

Here he is playing the Angelina Ballerina game with the girls.  This includes doing ballet moves!

  100_3591 100_3588100_3593 

And here they all are today, Father’s Day 2010.100_3628

What a privilege it is to have two incredible men in my life.

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