Friday, February 12, 2010


lexi snow madalyn snow

Living in central Texas means an occasional snow. Some years we get a day or two of snow and some years we don’t get any.  In fact, Lexi at five has decided that God alternates years of snow for us.  She may or may not be right :)

But this year, we have had a good bit of snow.[ Meaning, more than 2 different snow experiences each with more than 1 inch of snow]  With an infant, I am staying in doors.. but of course I have to get a couple of pictures.

As you can see, we don’t have appropriate snow gear. Maddie’s hat is too small, Lexi doesn’t have gloves and the “shovel” was a soup spoon from the kitchen that is now in the trash given that it’s plastic handle couldn’t handle the job of snowman making!  But none of that can take away the joy of getting out of school early because of snow!

And yippee for me, getting home two hours early today meant that I was able to make Chicken Tortilla Soup for dinner, make a loaf of Banana No-Nut Bread and even spend a few minutes making baby giggle!

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