Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Olympics!!

Growing up we didn't watch much television. In fact, many times over the years people have talked about tv shows that they loved as children and I won't even know what show they are referrring too. However, there was one thing we always watched.. the Olypmics!!

What is funny is that in a house where church dominated everything we did, one of my most vivid memories is when my mom put up the poster of the 1984 Men's Gymnastics team on our dining room wall!  The picture below isn't the poster, I couldn't find that picture on the internet :)  Who knows, my mom might still have that poster!

And then of course there was Mary Lou.. and over the years so many other Olympians that have shared their stories with the world.

Interestingly, I can tell you what I was doing and where I was living for every Olympics.  I guess I use the Olympics as a life marker.  So today as we prepare for the first day of events of the 2010 Winter Games, I will take a mental snapshot of my family.

I hope you get time to watch the games and maybe make a memory too. 

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