Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Are you an "inch deep and a mile wide" or a "mile deep and an inch wide" person?

If you have read even a couple of my blog posts, you know that I have a great love of learning and that I am all about figuring out something new. 

I have recently figured out that not everyone thinks like this.. :) And this got me thinking and wondering.. 

Are you an "inch deep and a mile wide" 
or a "mile deep and an inch wide" kind of person?

This "inch deep and a mile wide" philosophy guides my teaching style as well. I really want my students to experience all kinds of art so that they can move into the next phase of their lives saying that while they may not know much about something, they at least have had first hand experience with a technique or art medium.

To that end, I am having one of my art 1 classes learn how to make slip, pour molds and make ceramic pieces.

It is messy and fun and so cool to watch students who have been given the freedom to learn, create, FAIL and then finally succeed!

Maybe that is why I am such a proponent of the "inch deep and a mile wide" philosophy... When you are willing (or required) to learn new things, you have to understand that failure is part of the process. But if you only do what you already know how to do, you don't have to worry about the possibility of failure.

That's not to say that choosing to get really good at one thing is bad. We need both kinds of people to make the world work. But my question for those of you who are "mile deep and an inch wide" people is.. don't you get bored? It's a real question. I'd love to know your insights!

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