Thursday, February 25, 2016

I stepped on the scale with WET HAIR. What was I thinking?

I stepped on the scale with WET HAIR!!

Anyone who has obsessed over their weight knows that WET HAIR increases the scale by at least a 1/2 pound (especially if you have lots of thick hair like I do!). 

And that 1/2 pound can be the difference in a good day and a bad day.

But I stepped on the scale with wet hair after a swim workout.. which meant no sweat pounds lost (another no-no for scale crazed peeps) and I had LOST a 1/2 pound. 

And  that's when it hit me. I've changed. Yes, I've lost a lot of weight over the last few years. But my mind and my metabolism have finally changed.

Every single day, I feel stronger and better than I have ever felt. Okay, maybe not ever felt, but at least have felt in the last 25 years.

Why? Because I am eating.

I am eating real food. Often.

When I feel hunger, I eat. Which means, I'm not hangry.

I'm taking a ton of vitamins and am eating superfoods.

I feel great and I'm still losing inches and pounds.

Yeah. I'm still shaking my head.

It's hard to break a cycle that was created in early teen years. As a sophomore in high school, I would make a slimfast shake and make it last for two meals by drinking 1/2 for breakfast and freezing the rest and eating it super slow for lunch. Then I would do a two hour workout after school and then be lightheaded and dizzy for dinner. No wonder.

I had major body image problems.

This food deprivation killed my metabolism and wrecked my psyche.  This cycle of deprivation and binge eating went on for years and years. 

But today, I feel like I am finally finding out who I am meant to be and just how strong and fit I can be as well.

I think part of this transformation of my mind comes in the form of peanut butter. :) 


Cause for the first time in my adult life, peanut butter isn't taboo. 

My go to morning breakfast after a workout is a Isagenix Creamy Dutch Chocolate Shake with a scoop of Isagenix Greens (powdered superfood), a banana and a scoop of peanut butter. It's amazing.

Here is a picture of the ingredients, along with my morning vitamin pack and my morning drink of Ionix Supreme.

Look at this. That is one thick and rich this shake!

And there isn't any reason to make this last all day. I drink it first thing and then even have a mid-morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack! 

Yep, that's crazy talk. Eating regularly scheduled meals without guilt.

I also really love that Isagenix makes chocolate candy! Let's be honest, I'm going to eat candy anyway. And candy is becoming less of a crave because it's not off limits anymore.

And even when I eat candy from the convenience store, donuts for breakfast or any number of non-healthy choices, I'm not beating myself up about it anymore.

I feel a freedom and peace of mind that I don't remember ever having with or about food.

And that is priceless.

I so desperately want my friends to experience this freedom. But it's not cheap. And their journey is not my journey.

So, I'm just going to say this.

I'm here. I'd love to answer your questions.

The products are guaranteed. There is no commitment. 

If you are interested, check out my website. 

If you aren't interested, I promise to not become that person you avoid in person or block on facebook.

Isagenix products have taken over my kitchen counter, have become a regular part of my lifestyle and I wouldn't have it any other way!

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