Monday, October 5, 2015

Running Shoe problems and an AH HA moment

My left foot hurts.

No big deal. Unless you are training for a marathon and need to run around 60 miles this week. So yeah. big deal.

Sadly, I think it's from my running shoes.

I have a closet full of running shoes. And none of them feel right.

One of my first "real" pairs of running shoes are still my favorites. but alas, they were model 10's and now the company is making 13's and there is not much of the 10 left in these shoes even though they are the same model.

(Anyone out there have a new pair of size 9 Brooks Glycerin model 10's?) I'd pay good money about now for a pair! Here I am in my brand new pair in 2012!!

Wow. Look at me in 2012. It's weird to look at pictures like this. In this picture I was wearing my first smaller/weight loss outfit and my new running shoes. I was in Chicago with Doug and running and feeling great.
And now I look at it and am reminded of how far I have come!

Maybe I need to look at a different pair of shoes?

Since the above me is wearing a size 10 pants and weighing at least 15 pounds more than I weigh now, it seems a little odd that the cushion and support of the running shoe that I would need would be the same that I need now.


This is a picture of me a couple of weeks ago. I'm wearing a size petite small skirt.

Maybe it's time to go get a new gait analysis and look at some new running shoes!

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