Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Family Fitness

As you know by now, I am always looking for a new challenge. Be it artistic, academic or athletic.

So this weekend, when I saw this video, I immediately had to try. 

Let's just say that my reality isn't much better than the video example (make sure you watch the entire video.. NOT just the CRAZY COOL person at the begining!)

Anyway, after laughing at my miserable attempts at the jumping push-ups, Doug tried. And he ROCKED them!!

So I asked him to do it again so I could video. My first attempt at the video had him finishing and sitting up looking like he was dying. So below is take two. That's a lot of jumping push-ups!

Then Maddie decided to give it a go! Can you believe this girl? This was Sunday night, one week after being in the emergency room with a bad asthma attack and a kidney flare. Then a week of breathing treatments every four hours and a HUGE steriod burst.
She is a BEAST!

My video is obviously missing. Contrary to what Doug thinks, my drive to be able to do this has nothing to do with his ability to complete it. It has everything with my desire to be the best me that I can be and my desire to learn something new physically as often as I can.

As a female, growing up, I never had an athletic goal. I was strong as a child and could be strong when needed, but I was never given the chance to "be strong" in school settings. While I did twirl a baton in middle school, I didn't have any physical goals. For that matter, I was never encouraged too.

So now as a 41 year old high school teacher, I have athletic goals! I want to improve my marathon by 30 minutes over my first marathon! I want to complete 10 jumping pushups! I want to ... yeah.. I have goals!

And I'm on my way.

I read recently on a local sign that the best goals are ones that you are already 1/2 way there. Well, I ran 15 miles on Saturday (I've run 31 miles in the last 4 days. that is HUGE for me..) at 2 minutes per mile faster than I did two years ago during training for my first marathon.

I can do 3 jumping pushups at a time. I'm rather proud of myself for just that!

My "inspirational" video will be on the shelves soon... 

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