Monday, May 25, 2015

Eat to Live, My 6 week recap and the OFFICIAL RESULTS

My 6 week Eat to Live trial run is complete. It should have been complete last Monday, but since I basically took the week of Maddie's birthday off, I added a week to the complete the full six week challenge.

And here are the official results.

I lost 10.5 pounds 

(based on today's weigh-in... which is 1.5 pounds up from Wednesday.. Wednesdays are my light days.. so really, we could say that I lost 12 pounds.)

But the eye-popping changes are:

  • Waist -4 inches
  • Hips -3 inches
  • Chest - 2 inches
  • Right Thigh -6.25 inches
  • Left Thigh -6 inches
  • Right Bicep -1.25 inches
  • Left Bicep -1.25 inches
  • Shoulder -.75 inch
  • Right Calf -1.5 inches
  • Left Calf -2 inches

That's a total of 28 inches GoNe since April 6th.


Did you read that? 


Even better, I feel great and am committed to this lifestyle! 

Want to learn more about Eat to Live? Check out Dr. Furhman's website.

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