Sunday, January 11, 2015

Grand Champion Rabbits

This weekend was the Erath County Junior Livestock Show. 

Lexi showed her rabbits on Thursday. It was nice knowing what to expect this year. She is still tiny compared to most of the competitors. You can barely see her face above the pen!

Thankfully they have workers in the arena that help the kids get set up. And our FFA advisor, Mr. Clarke is the guy in the standing at the fence watching Lexi. Man, he was awesome!


The show itself is rather boring. The kids put their rabbits in the pen on one side and the judge takes them out of the other side and checks and compares them. The highlight of the judging is watching for bunnies that get out of the pen.

One of Lexi's strengths is her ability to focus in on the judge and remain still and poised. She might be incredibly nervous, but she looks great out there.

This year her pen was the second to the lightest in the heavyweight class. Her total weight was 11.8 pounds compared to the heaviest pen which was 14.7. We were nervous as that is a really big difference. But...

She won!!

The judge liked that her rabbits were strong and not "fluffy!"

Amazing! Last year she won Reserve Champion (2nd place) and this year she won Grand Champion!! Two buckles in two years!!

She had a big group of supporters too! Her best friends Emma and Emily came out to watch. 

Here she is with Mr. Clarke. Proud kid and proud teacher!

Then on Saturday they have the Premium Sale. That basically means a scholarship auction as the kids keep the animals. I remembered to get proof that I was there! :)

One of Lexi's friends (another Emma) helped Lexi carry out the rabbits for the auction. They were adorable!!

Lexi's rabbits went for $2750!  AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so thankful to live in a community that so actively backs the kids.  Kody King with Citizens National Bank of Texas bought her pen!!

I would have never imagined us being a stock show family.. but two years in and we are.. we even bought "real" boots for Lexi this year! Today we sell the rabbits and clean up! This process is amazing. Lexi is not just learning about the raising and showing of animals, but she is learning to be an entrepreneur and to to make responsible decisions! I love that. That is the gift of FFA.

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