Thursday, April 26, 2012

Planning a Summer Getaway, need your input :)

We are planning a summer getaway!! Yippee. Can't wait.  Yes, the kids are going on this trip, so it's not exactly rest, but it will be fun.

I am considering 3 different options and I thought I'd send it your way and maybe someone from the blog world could help me out.

Option 1:

Great Wolf Lodge

We've been before but it's been a few years.  The plus, it's indoor so Maddie wouldn't have to worry about burning.  The downside, EXPENSIVE and all there is to do is the water park.  It's pretty loud and with 3 kids at such different ages, I don't know how we would split the time in the big areas and the little-kid areas.  BUT... we know they would love it! 

We would stay 2 nights, so that's 3 days of the water park?  I don't know about that!  Maybe 1 night, 2 days of water park and we could stay the other night somewhere else...

Option 2:

We've never been to SeaWorld as a family.  In fact, Doug has never been.  I think we would like it, but Maddie would be outside all day.  The tickets this year are for 2 days as they are about to open a new water park.  We could go see shows, play in the water and they even have a Sesame Street area for the little ones. Kylie would LOVE that. The price is good and it's not too far to drive.

Downside? Outside. Lots of walking. Heat.

Option 3:

Lost Pines

We've never been to Lost Pines, but have heard it's great.  It's pricey, but much more laid back and fits our needs.  It's outdoor, but since it's part of the hotel, we could take inside breaks (big appeal).
It's not too far to drive and we would stay 2 nights.

So there you have it.  Any advice or input?

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  1. I vote Sea World. Here's why..... the Hyatt doesn't look Kylie friendly IMO. I think Great Wolf is limited and not enough to it for the time you want to spend there.
    You won't be able to do everything at Sea World, but you can pick and choose. Do shows to stay cool and rest. Buy the drink cup that you fill for a $1 (I think) all day.
    Ok so there's my vote.

    Now I want to go to Sea World lol