Friday, August 12, 2011

The Bell Ringer!

Yep, teachers have gone back to work!  You know how I know?  I have a kid that got a "BIG OUCHIE" and she's not feeling great.  That's how I know.

What is it about kids and work?  I tell you, they just intuitively know when I have to be at work and when I am just working in my room.  The last few weeks I've spent a good deal of time at school getting my new curriculum for my SEVEN preps ready, but I've just been working on my own time, so I came and went and the kids just chilled and all was well.

Then, Wednesday night, (the night before teachers went back to work officially) Kylie and Lexi were playing in Kylie's room.  I heard a crash and a scream and I run in there and Lexi is playing all innocently with the baby dolls in one part of the room and Kylie is laying in the closet floor crying.  Notice the protrusion on Kylie's forehead!

All in all, Kylie was fine.  I called my sister, the nurse, and she gave me some pointers.  I didn't have an ice pack, but frozen corn worked, well until Kylie ate the corn.  It was a typical Mommy's getting ready to go back to work night! Thankfully Doug returned home from a work conference a couple of hours later, after being gone for five days, and the world returned to it's proper spot on it's axis.

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