Friday, October 15, 2010

Warning: Kleenex needed

I read a post today, linked from my sister's facebook, from someone I don't know....  but it doesn't matter.  I know her really.  She could be me or my sister, or my other sister, or.....

The post, written by Nancy Smith ( ) about how our society so ineffectively deals with miscarriage.

So I sat and read her post and tears fell, you see, just a few days ago as I was sitting in the after hours clinic with Kylie who was quite sick, I had to do fill out new patient paperwork.  Simple enough. Right.

Except for the question that asks how many pregnancies I had had, and how many living children I had and where did Kylie fit in that order.

So I sat there in that office and made the decision. 

I left it blank.

Did it matter to the after-hours doctor who had never met us before and would probably never see us again that Kylie is my third child but that I have lost at least three more?

No, it would just be uncomfortable and a piece of conversation that I really didn't want to have.

So I left it blank.

And that hurts.

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