Monday, May 3, 2010

Memorial Box Monday: The Misfit

Life is about interpretation and our interpretation of life depends on personality and experience. Real or not, my interpretation of life has led me to feel like the misfit of my family. It’s hard to express in words, but for whatever reason, God has placed it on my heart to share my story.

To begin, I have a wonderful family. I thank God that I don’t have horror stories of childhood and that I have not experienced the ugly side of humanity. Nonetheless, years ago, Satan found a stronghold in my life. That was the feeling that I didn’t fit in. And to be honest, it was easy to allow those negative thoughts to continue and fester.

Simple differences compounded make me feel out of place. Not unwanted, but not included. For example:

• My beautiful and talented three sisters are model thin. If you add up all of their clothing sizes together you MIGHT get mine.. maybe.

• Everyone in my family attends the same kind of church... but me. My husband and children attend a totally different style of church. I love both, but feel more at home where Doug and I attend.

• Politically I am at the other end of the spectrum from all of my family. My life experiences have led me to different conclusions and a different place politically than my parents and sisters.

As you can imagine, I feel different and out of place. A misfit.

So how is this a Memorial Box Monday? How is this an example of God’s divine goodness? Well, last week was hard. For no other reason being that I’m tired, it’s the end of the school year and I have three kids. In the midst of the craziness, I have missed out on a couple of things the rest of my family has been able to do. So once again, I’ve felt left out.

But guess what. A couple of days ago my sister wrote a story about me. Not about how different I am, but how I work with differently-abled students. How fun is that!

Then this morning, while reading the Bible I was reminded that God didn’t make me out of leftovers. I am the person that God created me to be.

Yes, I maybe the misfit in the family. But that’s okay. Everyone of us has been called to serve God with our whole beings, our whole selves. My story is not the story of my sisters. And their stories are not mine. Because of our differences, our collective voice is much stronger. Because of our differences, we able to show the grace of God to more people.



  1. Yes, we are exactly who we are to be ~ each unique as God's creation!!! Thanks for sharing this with us...God bless.

  2. Praise the LORD for those who are different and for those who work with differently-abled students, like my Ellie!

  3. I SO relate to your post! I also am a misfit...different politically from my husband, my church family and all my friends - also because of my life experiences. And I also felt like I didn't belong...I was on the outside looking in. But I found out that to God - I am not a misfit, I am His child - He adopted me and loves me.

  4. I can also really relate to your words...thank you for them, they reach a deep spot for me. My family has always jokingly called me the black sheep of the family because I am a Christian. there are so many ways that I was different growing up and sometimes those wounds still hurt. Thanks for speaking healing to them!

  5. What a great story... thank you for sharing! We are all pieces in a misfit quilt, sewn beautifully by God's hands!

  6. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life with us and telling your story. The thing that struck me was that from the start you mentioned that the enemy had found a stronghold...and that is the secret!! The enemy of our souls wants us to think that we don't fit, that we're different, that we have no friends, that everyone else is closer to each other...and the list goes on...

    You are a treasure from the heart of God and I am thankful that you are my friend and that you shared a place of vulnerability with all of us in bloggyland.

    Much love from Colorado! xo